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Ting Yih Collaboration

with Frank London

and Mary Ann Toman

Yih uses art as a philosophical tool to explore questions about the human condition and the universe. By painting on a variety of non-traditional materials, including washcloths, polystyrene, and manila envelopes, Yih has learned to approach the world in an unconventional way, unlocking new realities with every brushstroke.  

How Long (2020)

6:17 video

music; multiple ink on paper works featured

During COVID-19, Yih continued to work on a series exploring Chinese brushstrokes on different found objects, especially paper and polystyrene, the plastic sheet generally used for sign-making. 

When his friend and composer, Frank London, reached out to him about a collaboration, he suggested putting a series of his recent ink drawings to music. Mary Ann Toman, Ting's wife and video editor, creatively wove the images and music together to create How Long (2020).

"A Chinese character is like a movement frozen in time. It has an immediacy to it that music really brings out."  - Ting Yih

Photo of art work in Yih's studio (October 2020)

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