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Call for Submissions

This online exhibition is designed to provide a glimpse into this unique moment, a moment shaped by a global health pandemic, a national call for greater racial and social justice, and a very local and personalized response to living and working in this “COVID era.”  


This exhibition is designed to showcase new work created during “this moment” through the eyes of artists living and working in Brooklyn, New York (if work was created in another locale because of displacement of Brooklyn-based artists because of COVID-19, it will be considered). Work can address a variety of themes and narratives, including but not limited to health, isolation, fear, racial justice, economic disparities, hope for the future, adaptive response, and working in a new reality.  


Work should help to illuminate how creative practices have been affected by COVID-19 as well as capturing through materials what stats and quantitative data alone cannot. In short, to visually capture a feeling, a sensation, a response to this unprecedented time through the eyes of working artists.  

Submissions will be received and reviewed on a rolling basis. New work will start to appear on the website in January 2021. 


Bitter Time (2020)

14" x 12" print (28" x 22.5" paper)

Ghost Monoprint on paper

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