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Nick Golebiewski

6.5.20 Daily Drawing: Nasturtium (2020)

 8" x 8"

Pencil and watercolor in sketchbook


6.14.20 Daily Drawing: Zucchini about to blossom (2020)

8" x 8"

Pencil and watercolor in sketchbook"

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit New York City, Golebiewski temporarily moved to his wife's parents' home in suburban Ohio, where he turned his artistic attention to the outdoor environment of the backyard garden.

A marker of being at home in Ohio was an increase in Golebiewski's gardening, and following his gardening came painting that grew over the summer. These paintings became ritual, a calming meditation in opposition to the constant uncertainty and barrage of news about COVID-19. 

"I’m drawn to the history of a place. I see the building where John Lennon and Yoko Ono used to live. That’s a cool thing to sketch! Oh, Emma Lazarus wrote

“The New Colossus” here? I’m going to sketch it! Here’s an amazing rainbow painted on the side of a building in the East Village. There’s always something." 


Nick Golebiewski is known for his large-scale drawings that capture the intimate details of city life. He is particularly drawn to the history, vibrancy, and architectural details of places like Chinatown and Coney Island.

As part of his series “Nick’s Lunchbox Service,” he commits to serving up one daily drawing. Whether depicting the Washington Square arch or a coneflower in bloom, Golebiewski manages to find beauty in the everyday.  

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